How to send art?


Electronic artwork files are required by some shops, but we do not require them. We will take your idea or graphic needs on an individual basis. If you don't have one of the electronic file types listed on the right, that's ok. We will work with sketches, print outs, faxes, ideas over the phone or whatever you can send us.

Email your art files to


Y-Not Promotions is PC based.

Acceptable File Formats: Vectored Art or Line Art:
.AI (Adobe Illustrator version 7.0 or Above)
*Please convert all text to outlines, curves, or paths.
* Please save all files at 300dpi or higher.


* The perfect file for line art or vectored art is .ai that’s Adobe Illustrator at least version 7.0
* We are PC based so if you are using Mac attach a copy in .eps format
* It is essential that you first convert all the type to outlines
* Be sure that each attachment has a different name
* A significant amount of preparation work must be done on every file
* For high end photographic work, a reference image is essential, a color proof, or offset printed piece.


* Please submit all files at the size you wish them to be printed
* We are capable of printing as large as 14”W x 16”H
* Submit all full color photographic files in RGB format


* Art submitted via e-mail is preferred
* Electronic transfer is an easy and convenient way to send your files.


If you have any questions about file formats or converting your text to outlines curves or paths please call us at 973-247-0011 or e-mail us!




Give us a call at 973-247-0011 or E-Mail us at
and our Art Department will be happy to assist you.